Group Classes

The best part is, you can try us out for 30 days with absolutely no risk to you.

If for any reason you're not over-the-top satisfied with your experience at Sthenos Athletics, just let us know. We'll give you your money back with no questions asked (other than how we can improve and become better). Seriously.Our number one commitment is to your success. We're not satisfied until you're loving your experience and your results. In fact, if we're not the right fit, we'll even help you find somewhere that is. Why? Because we care about you and want nothing but the best for you.

Group Classes

Our main­stay is our small group class train­ing. We mix bar­bell, ket­tle­bell, dumb­bell, and body­weight train­ing to chal­lenge you to reach new lev­els of strength and mus­cle
tone, while strip­ping away un­want­ed body fat.

Our coaches will find ways to chal­lenge you at ap­pro­pri­ate levels while keep­ing you in­jury-free and your joints hap­py.

Any­one can make you tired, but not every­one can make you bet­ter.

fitness pricing starting as low as $7 per class!

Pricing for group classes


Limited Classes Starting At

$ 145.00 USD

Limited Classes (x3/ Week) Month to Month $189/ month

Limited Classes (x3/ Week) 3 Months $174/ month

Limited Classes (x3/ Week) 6 Months $159/ month

Limited Classes (x3/ Week) 12 Months $145/ month


Unlimited Group Classes Starting At

$ 169.00 USD

Unlimited Class Month to Month $209/ month

Unlimited Classes 3 Months $199/ month

Unlimited Classes 6 Months $189/ month

Unlimited Classes 12 Months $169/ month

Olympic Lifting

This class focuses on building the two Olympic weightlifting movements of the barbell snatch and the clean and jerk.

There are three types of strength: absolute strength (maximal weight), speed-strength (moderate weight lifted at high speeds), and sustained strength (lighter weight sustained for greater amounts of time and/or reps). The “Oly” lifts focus on speed-strength, and each one is a complete, total body workout.

This class is designed to increase speed and strength, while focusing on the complex techniques involved in the two weightlifting movements. Supplemental work is included in each class to work mobility and round you out.

If you are an athlete, this class is a must.

Kettlebell Classes

Us­ing the prin­ci­ples of Hard­Style ket­tle­bell train­ing, our ket­tle­bell class is specif­i­cal­ly de­signed to in­crease strength, hy­per­tro­phy, mo­bil­i­ty, car­dio­vas­cu­lar con­di­tion­ing, and flex­i­bil­i­ty, all with one tool. And be­cause we lim­it the tool, many peo­ple of­ten see better re­sults since they have the time and fo­cus to get REAL GOOD with that tool.

If barbells in­tim­i­date you but you still want to get strong, or if you love the idea of min­i­malist train­ing, or if you need just some variety in your training, then this class will sure­ly be the miss­ing piece in your puz­zle.

Begin Kettlebell Classes

Get STRONG to get LEAN

Why take a boot camp when you can have the Get Strong To Get Lean Program? This 6-week program will build lean mus­cle, burn fat, teach skills, and pre­pare you for on­go­ing train­ing with us. If you don’t know where to start, and you feel like you need to “ramp up”, then this 6-weeks is for you.

Get ready for in­ten­sive coach­ing and a lot of work....and a lot of results!

Only $399 for 6 weeks!

Drop In Classes

Please send us a message prior to visiting the gym to set up a drop in class. Only $20 per class.

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